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Relocation Services

Creation, Management, and Performance Monitoring of a Best-In-Class Real Estate Professionals Vendor Network


Simply put, we help quickly facilitate a successful transition to a new city for relocated employeesat no cost.

Moving is one of the most stressful events people experience, and that stress is compounded when moving to a new city or state.  It’s human nature that until we feel settled and happy in our home life we won’t be as productive in our work life.  For relocated employees in particular, the selection of the right real estate professional is a critical but often undervalued factor affecting both happiness and productivity of relocated employees. 

That’s where we can help. 
Our real estate brokerage has worked with over 10,000 agents since its inception in 2009.  We have the experience and expertise to identify high-quality, high-performing real estate agents and brokerages, and monitor their performance better than any company in the United States.  We have assisted in the creation of real estate brokerage evaluation systems for some of the largest entities in the Real Estate industry including Freddie Mac.  Using our proprietary methodology, we will build, manage, and onboard relocated employees into a best-in-class network of real estate professionals for your company at no cost.
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Investment Properties

Real-time Automatic Underwriting

Olson Gough has developed proprietary software for our clients to monitor the market in real-time for investment properties which meet their search criteria and financial metrics.

In addition to the typical search fields such as price, location, size, etc., we can check lesser known metrics such as if the property is located in an IRS Qualified Opportunity Zone, or a census tract with a certain minimum percentage of projected growth, for example. We can calculate a projected return on investment based on our client’s individual income and cost assumptions.

All of these calculations are completed within minutes of a property coming on to the market.  If a property comes on the market that meets our client’s needs, our client will know about the property within minutes of it becoming available.

The software is free for Olson Gough clients.

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Sell Your Home

On or Off Market Options

On Market Sales: We offer the top traditional listing program in Arizona.  We’ll handle the paperwork, hire professional photographers, deal with showings, agents, buyers, and even maintenance if you need.  Other companies spend money on radio spots and billboards marketing themselves.  We spend money marketing your home.
Off Market Sales: Don’t want to deal with a traditional sale and dozens of buyers walking through your home every week?  We have access to hundreds of vetted, off market buyers. These buyers generally purchase with cash so you don’t have to worry about appraisal problems, and they’re often prepared to allow you to remain in the home after you sell it while you look for your next home. 
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Why Choose Us

Experience Meets Technology

Selling property?  Over the past decade Olson Gough has been one of the top brokerages in Arizona ranked by the number of properties sold per listing agent.  We understand how and where to market your property.  We supplement that marketing with technology to get your home to every corner of the internet, and in front of hundreds of buyers who are already looking for homes just like yours.
Buying property?  In today’s market, buyers will find they are competing not only against other traditional buyers, but Wall Street as well. Buyers need a brokerage which understands how to construct an offer that will get a seller’s attention.  We’ve handled and reviewed over 10,000 offers.  We’ve seen every type of offer, term, condition, and trick buyers use to stand out to a seller.  As an Olson Gough client you’ll benefit from that experience.  Our proprietary software monitors the MLS for you more quickly than the software Zillow and Wall Street use to monitor the MLS.  In addition, our software also helps us to quickly write offers so that our clients can capitalize on buy opportunities as soon as they become available.
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