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We'll find you the best-in-class real estate brokers in the cities you need, then pay you a closing cost credit if you decide to use them—all at no cost to you

Real estate is the most valuable asset most of us will ever buy or sell. It’s not the time to take your chances with a Google search or politely accept the referral of a friend. It’s critically important to have best-in-class representation to handle your transaction.

We’ve worked in the real estate broker performance space since 2010. We’ve helped find best-in-class real estate brokers for the clients and employees of countless executive recruiters and talent acquisition specialists. 

We are highly experienced and uniquely qualified to quickly identify best-in-class real estate brokers for your benefit.  

Our Process

  • Client Insight – We develop a comprehensive understanding of what you and your family need and want, as well as what your expectations are of a best-in-class real estate broker

  • Search Process – Advanced metrics, licensing history check, disciplinary history check, online review analysis and authenticity check, secret shopping, marketing plan evaluation, negotiation skills evaluation, matching for personality, intangibles, and more

  • Broker Introduction – You choose the broker you want from our list of suggested candidates. Then we sign a referral agreement with them guaranteeing you a free appraisal or closing cost credit, if you’re buying or selling a property in one of the 40 US states where credits are permitted

  • Performance Tracking – We’ll check in with you during the process of your home purchase or sale to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your broker, and we’ll step in to resolve any issues if you’re not completely satisfied

  • Follow-Up – We’ll ask for your feedback about our service, as well as your thoughts about the broker, in order to continue to better our process and service

It’s that simple!  And as always, our service is 100% free of any cost to you.  Contact Us now and let us know how we can help you!