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For HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals

Best-In-Class Referral Network of Real Estate Professionals for Your Employees—at No Cost

HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals who relocate employees already know how disruptive the process is to employee productivity. According the most recent Altair Global Momentum Survey of Relocated Employees up to 31 days of employee productivity can be lost relocating a single employee, with the two largest factors negatively impacting productivity during relocation being finding a home at the destination city and selling a home or breaking a lease at the departure city. Therefore finding the right real estate professional who can quickly navigate your employees through the stressful process of relocation is imperative to both their happiness and productivity.

According to that same Altair Global survey, the top thing relocated employees wished they had from their employer during the relocation process was “A list of vetted vendors for services that had negotiated discount rates”.

While some large and midsize organizations maintain a vendor network of real estate professionals to refer their employees, most have no system to monitor and evaluate the performance of that network, and many organizations have no such vendor network at all.

How It Works

Whether your organization needs to relocate a single employee or dozens each month, we can provide a best-in-class vetted network of real estate professionals in the departure and destination cities which your employees can choose to utilize.  We’ll monitor the performance of that network, track the satisfaction of your employees who choose to utilize that network, and guarantee benefits and discounted service rates for your employees—at no cost to either your organization or employees. 

The thoroughly vetted professionals in that network are the industry leaders in customer satisfaction, customer service, marketing, negotiation, local area expertise and will be contractually obligated to provide your employees discounted service rates or closing cost credits.

Not only will your employees benefit from closing cost rebates when buying or selling a home, they’ll benefit from having best-in-class local market professionals working for them—reducing stress, increasing happiness, and allowing them to settle in to their new city quicker.

Your company will benefit from the increased productivity that comes with getting your employees settled into their new homes faster, all without having to devote time, money or manpower to the process. We’ll make sure your employees understand that your organization has partnered with us for the sole purpose of helping provide them with a smooth, stress-free transition to their new city. 

Our real estate brokerage has worked with over 10,000 agents since our inception in 2009. We have assisted in the creation of real estate vendor performance monitoring systems for some for the largest entities in the Real Estate industry including Freddie Mac, a network with thousands of vendor responsible for billions in assets. We build and maintain real estate referral networks for companies of all sizes. We have the experience and expertise to build best-in-class networks of real estate agents and brokerages, and monitor their performance better than any company in the United States.  And we can do this for your organization at no cost.

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