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Personalized best-in-class real estate broker referrals with built-in benefits for your candidates and employees—at no cost

Executive Recruiters and Talent Acquisition Professionals who relocate candidates and employees experience many pain points during relocation. The selection of a best-in-class real estate representation has been proven to help mitigate these challenges in a measurable way. Even so, the positive impact a best-in-class real estate professional can have on the relocation process is often undervalued by those involved. Contact Us and allow us to explain how a seemingly small decision can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Employer Pain Points
  • Up to 31 days of productivity loss for each relocated employee or newly hired candidate
  • Relocated employees and new hires often report feeling their employer didn’t provide meaningful support during relocation
  • Real estate agents who join the vendor databases of employers and relocation firms tend to be inexperienced, and the databases are not constructed to sufficiently vet agents nor monitor performance
Recruiter Pain Points
  • Time and energy spent looking for a real estate broker referral
  • Uncertainty about the quality of that referral
  • Risk of blame if referral doesn’t perform well
  • Risk of candidate changing their mind about relocation
Candidate & Employee Pain Points
  • Securing a residence in the destination city which the whole family loves
  • Finding the right neighborhood for the needs of the candidate or employee and their family
  • Selling a property in the departure city quickly and for top value
  • Needing to use their own funds above and beyond those provided in a relocation package

Outsource the search for best-in-class real estate brokers to proven experts in the fieldat no cost to the employer, recruiter or candidate

  • Increased productivity by getting candidates and employees settled quicker
  • Offer a unique value-add service to help candidates and employees feel happy and supported
  • Assurance that a best-in-class real estate professional is tending to the needs of your candidates and employees
  • Guaranteed closing cost credit or free appraisal to every candidate or employee you send our way, in 40 states
  • We spend our time and our resources locating these professionals so that you can focus your time on income-producing activities instead
  • Our brokers understand the importance of quickly finding a home and neighborhood the whole family falls in love with, to reduce the likelihood of a candidate changing their mind about relocation
  • Absolutely no cost whatsoever to employees, recruiters or candidates

We’ve worked in the real estate broker performance space since 2010 and have helped entities as large as Freddie Mac create the system the use to track the performance of thousands of real estate brokers in charge of selling tens of billions of dollars in assets.

Contact Us and allow us to explain our process and how we can help save you time and money, while offering a complimentary value-add service to your candidates and employees.